New to Refuge

Welcome to Refuge Church San Luis Obispo! At Refuge you'll find followers of Jesus Christ; not perfect, but sincere! We hope to help San Luis Obispo see God's glory and goodness, and we are making every effort to worship and walk with God in a way that blesses Him and those around us that He so loves. 

When you come to Refuge Church you'll discover that the Spirit of God is working thru the Word of God changing the people of God.  It really is amazing what can happen when a variety of people come together with just one thing in common...JESUS! 

Jennifer and I are serving here in San Luis Obispo because we love God and we love people. Watching God save and transforms lives, it doesn't get any better than that! We hope to see you at church this Sunday!

- Pastor Jason and Jennifer

  • Refuge Church San Luis Obispo is a Calvary Chapel Fellowship. We are simply a small fold in God's great flock of believers. So what is distinct about our fellowship? What's our church culture like? Click "Distinctives" to find out. 


    Expect a whole bunch of imperfect people worshipping a perfect God. Expect to open up the Bible, sing, to laugh, to get serious, to be encouraged. Expect to relax and not worry about what others are thinking about the way you're dressed. Expect to encounter the truth about God's Word and community with His people. 

  • At Refuge Church we place a high priority on the TEACHING of the Word of God. We believe the Spirit of God, working thru the Word of God, changes the people of God! Every weekend we're opening the Bible together and learning from its pages in ways that speak right into our lives!