Welcome to the Women's Ministry at Refuge SLO!

It is our desire that we come together as women...

- To glorify God

- To grow in the knowledge and practical application of the word of God

- To grow in our personal relationships with the Lord

- To fellowship and grow together as sisters in Christ

As we do these things we will be strengthened and built up in our faith so that we can go back into our homes, workplaces and community, equipped to be an influence for the Lord Jesus.


Women's Bible Study

"Live Faithfully" - A study in the book of James

Ministry Leader:

Jennifer Olaiz

Live Faithfully

"Live Faithfully" is a Bible Study in the Book of James by Lenya Heitzig and Penny Rose. 

Do you ever ask yourself, Am I living what I've learned in the Bible? I say I have faith, but am I living faithfully in how I speak, use money, and relate to people in need? In twelve thought-provoking lessons, Live Faithfully explores the practical wisdom of James the brother of Jesus and a leader in the Jerusalem church. 

  • Apr 13 - Lesson 10

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  • Apr 27 - Lesson 11

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  • May 11 - Lesson 12

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  • Mar 30 - Lesson 9

  • Mar 16 - Lesson 8

  • Mar 2 - Lesson 7

  • Feb 16 - Lesson 6

  • Feb 2 - Lesson 5

  • Jan 19 - Lesson 4

  • Jan 5 - Lesson 3

  • Dec 15 - Lesson 2

  • Dec 1 - Lesson 1