What kind of church is Refuge SLO?

We are a Christian church associated with Calvary Chapel, a fellowship of churches. At Refuge we want to see people find life and refuge in Jesus Christ! 

What kind of people make up Refuge SLO?

You'll find a variety of people from those seeking God for the first time to others who have been walking with the Lord Jesus Christ for a while. Basically, the people at Refuge are from all kinds of different backgrounds, ethnicities, and ages. 

What can I expect at Refuge SLO?

Our service at Refuge centers on teaching the Bible, fellowship, worship and prayer...

Because we study God’s word you can expect to be spoken to by the Lord. Because we fellowship you can expect to be encouraged through God’s people. Because we worship you can expect to sense the presence of the Lord. Because we pray you can expect God to be at work in your life.

What is expository teaching and does Refuge SLO really go through the whole bible?

Because God gave man all 66 books in the Bible, we believe it's essential that we study every single book, chapter by chapter, verse by verse, from Genesis to Revelation. We are not opposed to topical studies and use them at different times throughout the year. But we like the apostle Paul want to say one day, "I have not shunned to give you the whole counsel of God."

At Refuge SLO you can expect our bible studies to be rooted in God's Word and relevant for today. 

Should I invite my friends?

Definitely! We want to provide a place for those who are seeking God and for those who are looking to connect with a body of born again believers.

What should I wear?

We have no dress code. You'll find people dressing casually and comfortably.

What about my kids?

At Refuge we provide a quality kid's ministry and Youth Group on Wednesday nights.

What about my baby?

We provide a comfortable room for mothers and their babies where moms can see & hear and be a part of receiving the sermon. 

Does Refuge SLO baptize babies?

No, but we do publicly dedicate babies to the Lord. We do not believe the Scriptures tell us to baptize children who are not able to fully understand to make a willful profession of Jesus as Savior. For further reference see Acts 8:37.

Does Refuge SLO receive a formal offering?

We are not opposed to formal offerings and find that on certain occasions a formal offering may be taken. However, we firmly believe that where God guides, He is always faithful to provide. We also believe that those who call Refuge SLO their home church should give generously and wholeheartedly to support the ministry. So, we provide an offering box for you to give unto the Lord your tithes and offerings so that your giving becomes an act of worship between you and Him alone. For more on tithes and offering click here.